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Rejuvenation H2 Tablets


Drink HRW’s Rejuvenation H2 tablets are a paradigm shattering leap forward in molecular hydrogen tablet technology. Rejuvenation H2 tablets are a patent pending formulation process that maximizes the reaction and dissolution kinetics for both creating molecular hydrogen, but more importantly keeping it in to deliver the highest concentrations of hydrogen rich water on the market. While some technologies may create more hydrogen, the water itself is left with very small amounts, even as low as 1/100th of what Rejuvenation hydrogen tablets are capable of.


What is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water is simply water with added hydrogen gas, the same concept as carbonated beverages like soda having CO2 gas saturation. Instead of adding CO2, through several different technologies molecular hydrogen can be added to create ‘hydrogen rich water’ or simply ‘hydrogen water’. This isn’t a new compound, so no hydrogen is being added to the H2O, it is simply H2 both dissolved in the H2O, and also quasi dissolved in solution in the form of nano bubbles, such as the process the Rejuvenation H2 tablets employs.


Why hydrogen water?

With over 1000 publications talking about the potential health benefits of molecular hydrogen including 40+ clinical trials, molecular hydrogen is emerging as one of the most exciting research topics pertaining to health, wellness and longevity. Molecular hydrogen research exploded as a potential therapy following the seminal article was published in Nature Med describing H2 as a selective scavenger able to neutralize the nasty hydroxyl free radical, notorious for wreaking untold havoc on our cells and mitochondria. Since then researchers world wide have begun studying molecular hydrogen on every organ on close to 200 different models and counting. Hydrogen water as a delivery method stands as the easiest and often most effective way for consumers to administer this critical gas- in some cases hydrogen water works when other delivery methods such as gas inhalation does not, even at magnitudes high dosages.


Why hydrogen tablets?

Since hydrogen water was discovered as the next big movement for longevity research in Japan, the questions became ‘how do we get it in the water’, ‘how do we keep it in the water’ and ‘how do we get the highest concentrations’. While there are other methods of creating hydrogen water, they pale in comparison to tablets. Ionizers and PEM machines product a fraction of the molecular hydrogen and the machines often cost thousands of dollars. Ionizers often deliver less than 0.1 parts per million of molecular hydrogen and most models are incapable of delivering higher than 0.5ppm in best case scenarios. PEM machines struggle to get 1ppm. Hydrogen tablets are able to create extreme levels of H2 in the water, with Rejuvenation tablets able to product 8-10ppm in 500ml- higher if you prepare in less water.


Why Rejuvenation H2 tablets?

Rejuvenation hydrogen tablets are the first open cup H2 tablet, and no other hydrogen tablet on the market creates more molecular hydrogen. Where other hydrogen tablet manufactures advise people to swallow the tablets creating a potentially hazardous reaction inside your stomach, or require tedious preparation in a sealed bottle followed by hours of waiting to get a fraction of the H2, Rejuvenation H2 tablets are simply dropped in any open container and drank down with the highest levels of hydrogen water on the market in 1-2minutes depending on water temperature. No other method creates more hydrogen, retains higher amounts of hydrogen in the water or is as simple. Rejuvenation H2 tablets soar above the crowd in performance, efficacy and ease of use.

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