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Become a Warrior Ambassador

Are you interested in becoming a Drink HRW Warrior Ambassador?

As we describe in our mission statement, at Drink HRW we believe that hydrogen-rich water is head and shoulders the greatest and most important supplement in the pursuit of optimal health and preventative aging.

Our company growth has been exponential — much through word of mouth — and we are thrilled to offer a generous referral program for those passionate about our products.

The Drink HRW Warrior Ambassador program provides an industry-leading up to 30% commission on orders of our best-selling Drink HRW Rejuvenation Hydrogen water tablets and AGEless Defense. And unlike other ambassador programs, we pay commission on future re-orders made by ambassador-referred customers.

Earn a 30% recurring commission on these Drink HRW best-sellers:

  • Rejuvenation H2 Tablets
  • Rejuvenation Blue Raspberry
  • AGELess Defense
  • H2 Beauty tablets
  • H2 Relief bath tablets

Earn a 15% recurring commission on BOOST and BUILD.

Additional products and bundles earn 10% commission.

All Warrior Ambassadors will receive care packages, one-on-one support, and original marketing materials to optimize referral income.

We are currently seeking to partner with the following people:

  • Professional and intermediate athletes
  • Fitness influencers
  • Biohacker influencers
  • Health, wellness, and beauty influencers
  • Media personalities and celebrities

To request a care package and join the program, please get in touch with us at partners@drinkhrw.com

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