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Nick Pineault

Drink HRW Advocate

"When it comes to hydrogen-rich water, Drink HRW's Rejuvenation is the real deal. Their tablets stand out in a market full of ineffective and bogus hydrogen products. The benefits of molecular hydrogen are very promising and represent an important tool to mitigate everyday oxidative stress and global chemical- and electro- pollution. "
Nick "The EMF Guy"

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Molecular Hydrogen Research

Do you have the time to do a deep dive? We have you covered.

We’ve compiled a list of all the human trials on molecular hydrogen, the majority of which utilize hydrogen water as the primary delivery method. We have organized the studies into several categories.

We are happy to provide this resource for you to educate yourself on the incredible findings researchers have observed as they study the effects of hydrogen water in the human body.

No need to search in PubMed for hours, it’s all here in one central location!

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