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Hydrogen Therapy for Athletic Performance and Recovery

The world’s first open cup hydrogen tablet. Used by pro-athletes and clinically-validated to improve markers of exercise performance and recovery.

Take Drink HRW Rejuvenation Tablets for that extra boost towards mind and body greatness. Dominate your workout, game, or competition. And get back out there faster.



Drink HRW Tablets deliver more performance-enhancing hydrogen to your cells than any other product on the market.

In a 2018 randomized controlled trial, women showed improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness (VO2 max), time to exhaustion and total work completed after using Drink HRW Tablets.1

H is for Harmony

Researchers call hydrogen a “master regulator” because it brings many processes in the human body into harmony.2 Thirteen years of clinical research show that molecular hydrogen has rejuvenative effects, including improvements in energy, exercise capacity, and metabolic health. Used by pro-athletes and regular folks alike, Drink HRW tablets employ a uniquely effective system to deliver molecular hydrogen to your cells, adding to the hydrogen naturally present in your body.

Speeds Recovery

Excess buildup of lactic acid during exercise makes recovery slow and painful. Hydrogen-rich water has been shown to reduce lactate levels at high exercise intensities.3

Enhances Aerobic Fitness

One human trial found that Drink HRW Tablets improved cardiorespiratory fitness (Vo2 max) vs. placebo.1 Another found that Drink HRW lowered heart rate during exercise, a sign of enhanced aerobic performance.4

Mitigates Training Stress

Excess buildup of lactic acid during exercise makes recovery slow and painful. Hydrogen-rich water has been shown to reduce lactate levels at high exercise intensities.3

Used By Duncan Keith

Many professional athletes have adopted Drink HRW to perform better, recover faster, and gain an edge over the competition. No easy feat in leagues like the NFL, NHL and UFC.

Pro-athlete Testimonials

«I’ve done a lot of research over my 15 year career to develop my own refined and effective toolbox. Drink HRW is in that box for a reason.»
- Duncan Keith
Pro Hockey Player

«As an 11 year veteran in the NHL I am constantly trying to find new ways to recover and heal quicker. With the grueling 82 game schedule I have found Drink HRW has immensely helped with rapid recovery and reduction of exercise induced inflammation. I only wish I discovered this product when I began my career...»
- Michael Del Zotto
Pro Hockey Player


Drink HRW tablets, through our patent-pending open-cup delivery system, provide the highest dosage and concentration of hydrogen water of any product on the market.

Clinically shown to improve markers of metabolism, energy, exercise capacity, and recovery. Simply dissolve in 12 - 16 oz water, wait 1 - 2 minutes, and drink up.


Problems like low energy, fatigue, and exercise impairments that creep up on people as they age.

Years ago, we stumbled on the fascinating research on molecular hydrogen. But nobody was making a product with a high enough concentration of hydrogen to mimic the incredible results seen in clinical trials.

And so we created Drink HRW Rejuvenation tablets to deliver clinical doses of molecular hydrogen to athletes, weekend warriors, and health optimizers of all stripes. This was a research-backed product we could stand behind. No crazy marketing claims. Everything grounded in truth and science.
Since then, Drink HRW has become the standard hydrogen water tablet used in clinical trials, loved by professional athletes and thousands of customers alike. So grab your Drink HRW tablets, pop one in some water, and level up your mind and body.



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What is hydrogen rich water (HRW)?

Hydrogen rich water is simply regular water that’s been saturated with molecular hydrogen (H2) gas.

Doesn’t water already contain hydrogen?

Water, or H2O molecules contain hydrogen atoms, but not dissolved hydrogen gas. Think of this process like adding carbon dioxide bubbles to water. Instead of adding bubbles, you’re adding dissolved hydrogen!

Will Drink HRW Tablets improve my athletic performance?

Hydrogen rich water (hydrogen dissolved in water) is the preferred delivery method—compared to inhaling hydrogen gas— for delivering results in clinical trials.

What’s so great about molecular hydrogen?

85 clinical trials (more coming) speak to the beneficial effects of molecular hydrogen on inflammation, metabolism, exercise capacity, recovery, liver function, and many other aspects of physiology.

How many Drink HRW tablets should I take for best results?

We recommend using 1 -2 tablets per day, based on the available evidence.

Do I need to use an open cup or bottle?

Yes, but only for 1 - 2 minutes while the tablet dissolves. That’s how our patented delivery system works best. Feel free to seal the bottle afterwards and take it with you.

Are there any side effects from hydrogen water?

In all the published literature, there are no reported side effects attributed to drinking hydrogen water. It’s believed to have an extremely high safety profile, and much higher concentrations are used therapeutically to prevent decompression sickness. Still, we recommend limiting your dosage to 6 tablets daily. Also, those with diabetes should monitor glucose and insulin levels, as hydrogen water can have a hypoglycemic effect.


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